Hygeia EnJoye Breastpump

Hygeia EnJoye Professional-Grade Breastpump



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The EnJoye™ Breastpump is a professional-grade electric/battery double pump that  is designed for long-term and frequent pumping needs such as working mothers.  The EnJoye™ is less expensive and lighter than the EnDeare™ and is ideal for  battery-dependent pumping.

Uses: For long-term and frequent pumping needs  including…

  • To maintain milk supply as well as to collect breastmilk
  • For single or double pumping.

Look at these great features:

  • Proven performance for working moms with long-term and frequent pumping  needs. Plus, your satisfaction is  guaranteed
  • Usually more affordable than other rental pumps
  • More portable and convenient than other rental pumps
  • Features the unique Hygeia CARE Button for Customized, Audio, Recording,  Experience so you can record your baby or other sound to enhance your  breastpumping experience
  • Offers single or double pumping flexibility
  • Electric or battery operation with the included internal battery pack. The  rechargeable battery is ideal for battery-dependent pumpers
  • Green Breastpump, Can be shared by multiple mothers when each has her own  personal accessory set
  • Recycle the EnJoye when you no longer need it. See recycling instructions.
  • Mimics your baby’s unique suckling patterns with customizable speed and  pressure controls
  • Safe, because all parts that come into contact with breastmilk are      BPA/DEHP Free


  • Unit Weight: 7.58 lbs (including the carrying bag and accessories. The  EnJoye LBI pump alone is 2.8 lbs.)
  • Unit Size/Packaging: 15.5x7.25x12.5
  • Color: Gray
  • Power: 50 - 60 Hz
  • Warranty: 3-Year Limite


Recycle, Reduce, ReuseA better breastpump for a better  planet.

  • Only Hygeia brand electric breastpumps can be recycled.
  • Clean pump and spray with Cavicide™ or similar cleaner.
  • Only return the pump and electrical cord. Do not return the plastic parts or  personal accessory set materials.
  • Place in plastic bag and seal with tape.
  • Place in box with padding and attach the shipping label with the Hygeia mailing address.
  • Any questions, please let us know.  Feel free to contact us to learn  more.

Total Compatibility Guarantee

Hygeia breastpumps are guaranteed to be fully compatible with a mother’s  nursing needs.  We believe however that if a Hygeia breastpump should not be  compatible with her needs a mother should have options.  In this spirit, Hygeia  offers a Total Compatibility Guarantee.

Should the original purchased pump be incompatible with mom’s requirements,  please contact the original point of sale location directly. An alternate Hygeia  breastpump will be offered for replacement (up-charging only for any price  difference, if applicable). Should an alternate Hygeia breastpump not be a  satisfactory solution, the breastpump only (excludes all  accessories, i.e. Personal Accessory Sets, bags/totes, etc.) may be returned for  a refund/credit within 21 days of purchase, with appropriate proof(s) of  purchase to the original place of purchase.

Products that show damage or obvious signs of abuse may not qualify for a  refund under the Total Compatibility Guarantee.

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