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With all the cloth diaper choices it can be hard to know how to choose cloth diapers. With a little guidance you will be able to find the best cloth diapers for your family.

With so many diaper products on the market, how do you choose cloth diapers for your baby? There is no one right choice for all families, but this article will help you to learn about the cloth diaper choices.

Using cloth diapers is easier than ever thanks to better materials, better washing machines, and great products like pocket diapers. Cloth diapers are easier on your baby's tender skin and they are easier on your pocketbook! 

Investing in quality cloth diapers will save you hundreds of dollars (or even thousands) over the price of disposables. Because quality diapers that are well cared for will last longer than your baby fits into them, you can use them for a second child. Many parents are able to sell their child's outgrown cloth diapers--making this an even more economical choice.

AIO or All in One cloth diapers are one piece diapers including a waterproof cover, an absorbent middle, and a liner to help keep baby dry. They usually close with hook and loop tape or snaps. They are just as easy to use as disposables so they are are great choice for trips to Grandma's, the babysitter, or for everyday. All in one diapers are a good choice for families who want simplicity and convenience above all else.
Pocket diapers have a waterproof outer layer and a moisture resistant liner sewn together, forming a pocket to hold an absorbent insert. Wetness passes through the liner and into the insert, leaving baby feeling dry even when the diaper is wet. You can adjust the absorbency of a pocket diaper by adding 1 or 2 inserts. Inserts can be prefolded diapers or special microfiber or hemp inserts made for pocket diapers. 

Even if you opt for a less expensive diapering system you will want to have a few AIOs or pocket diapers on hand.

Fitted diapers are convenient and economical. Fitted diapers close with hook and loop tape or snaps. They are have elastic at the legs and are cut to fit your baby without folding. These diapers do not have a waterproof covering so they need to be worn with a diaper cover. Fitted diapers are a great choice for newborns as they help contain messes very well. The diaper cover helps contain messes by providing a second line of defense.

Diaper covers span the gamut from simple waterproof vinyl pull ons to fancy printed covers that snap or close with hook and loop tape. Pull on covers are simple, but they are not the best at containing leaks. In addition, once you have to deal with a really messy diaper you'll wish for the ability to open the cover before taking it off. Modern diaper covers are made from softer fabrics and can even help hold a prefold on without pins.

Prefold diapers or flat diapers are the most economical diapering choice. These simple absorbent diapers can be used with pins or a Snappi fastener and a pull on cover. They can be used without fasteners if they are used with a hook and loop or snap close diaper cover. They also make great inserts for pocket diapers, allowing you to add an extra layer of absorbency by doubling up the inserts for night time use.

No matter which cloth diapers you choose, you will know that you are protecting your baby, your wallet and the environment. Now, that is a great reason to go cloth!


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