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Sewing your own cloth diapers is a great way to save money and can be a fun hobby. You can start out with recycled materials such as old t-shirts or flannel pajama pants and wool sweaters. Or you can invest in top quality materials such as polyurethane laminate (PUL) and cotton or hemp absorbent fabrics.

You can find many free diaper patterns on the internet, although some of the best patterns are worth paying for. It makes sense to pay $12-18 for a really good pattern if you will be sewing a lot of cloth diapers. You'll save money on materials as well as frustration!

Cloth Diaper Patterns

Diaper Sewing A tutorial site for cloth diaper sewing. Step by step pictures and instructions for diapers, covers, cloth menstrual pads and more.

Ottobre Designs Ottobre designs has a nice 2 size diaper pattern. Runs a little big, so you may want to make one, then adjust the pattern to fit your needs. The larger size is good as is for older toddlers. Ottobre also has a popular knitted wool diaper cover pattern.

Celtic Cloths Medium All in One free pattern. Super cute, sews up fast. Works great.

Recycled Butt Sweater Wool covers are easy to use and cheap to make with a few soft wool sweaters from a thrift store or garage sale. Check your closet or ask relatives if they have any soft wool sweaters that need a new life. Just be sure it is as close to 100% wool as possible. You can also make long pants with the sweater arms.

More Wool Soaker Patterns With a few skeins of soft, pure wool yarn ($4-8 a skein or so, most covers require about 100-150 grams or 1 1/2 skeins) you can crochet or knit wool diaper covers while watching movies or waiting at the doctor's office. Wool soakers are soft, cute, and very addictive.

Chloe Toes The Chloe Toes diaper pattern is recommended time and again all over the diaper sewing groups. This is a cute pattern that sews up very quickly. It requires the use of FOE (fold over elastic) so it works best if you have all snap diapers. Velcro like hook and loop tape does very bad things to FOE. This is a trim fitting diaper and has many raving fans. You can use this pattern to make pocket diapers, all in one diapers, itted diapers and diaper covers. In addition, Catharine is a super nice lady and very willing to answer questions.


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