Inserts and Doublers

Cloth diaper doublers, reusable diaper liners and flushable diaper liners boost the absorbency of cloth diapers and help protect your cloth diapers from stains. Fleece diaper liners provide a stay-dry lining for any natural fiber diaper and make diapers easier to clean.

Cloth diaper doublers increase the absorbency of your diapers without adding a lot of bulk.

Angel Bunz Microterry Inserts

$2.25   $1.80

Applecheeks One Size 3-Layer Bamboo Insert


Applecheeks One Size Bamboo Insert


Applecheeks Stay Dry Microterry Inserts
Applecheeks™ One Size Stay Dry Microterry ...


Best Bottom Inserts

$4.99   $4.49

bumGenius Diaper Doublers - 3 pack

$5.99   $5.39

bumGenius One-Size Inserts

$3.49   $3.14

bumGenius Stay Dry Doublers - 3 pack

$7.99   $7.19

Flip Daytime Insert
Flip Insert: Day time Organic - 3 Pack

$18.99   $17.09

Flip Insert: Night time Organic - 2 Pack

$22.99   $20.69

Flip Insert: Stay Dry

$4.99   $4.49

Flip Inserts: Disposable

$6.99   $6.29