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Comfy Cloth Menstrual Pads

Comfy Cloth Menstrual Pads

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Comfy Cloth Pads
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Soft cloth menstrual pads from Comfy Cloth Pads. Super thin and very comfortable. These pads offer a superior stay-dry feeling, far better than any other material we tested. Inside is a quilted soaker of 2 layers of organic cotton/hemp fleece. The quilting improves absorbency and prevents bunching.

Approximately 9 inches long and 3 inches wide when snapped. Durable plastic snaps with two settings so you can adjust them for the best fit.

Overnight Size

Comfy Cloth Pads Overnight Pads are an economical and easy solution for overnight menstrual use, postpartum bleeding, and moderate incontinence. Why use cloth? Simply because it is more comfortable and more convenient than disposable products. Free from dangerous chemicals, these pads are also better for you, better for the environment, and better for your wallet.

High quality reusable cloth menstrual pads will last through years of washing. Used monthly, these pads will last most women from 5-7 years. Think of the savings when you don't need to purchase disposable pads every month! You'll keep hundreds of paper pads out of the landfills and protect your own health. Disposable pads are full of chemicals that are not good for you and they are not comfortable to wear. Think about it, would you prefer paper underwear or soft cloth?

Generously sized yet super thin, these pads are topped with a stay-dry lining of soft, stain-resistant suedecloth. Even when damp, these reusable pads will feel dry to the touch.

Thoroughly tested, these soft, washable pads are long enough to prevent leaks overnight yet they are thin enough for daytime use during your heaviest days.

These pads are popular with women who suffer from stress incontinence (leakage of urine such as when you cough or sneeze). Stress incontinence can be a problem for women during pregnancy, after delivery or when bladder muscles are weak.

During the postpartum period, women will find that these pads are incredibly comfortable even with a tender perenium.

Inside there are two layers of super-absorbent organic cotton/hemp fleece. Backed with a waterproof layer of polyester PUL, these pads are soft, light, and remarkably effective.

The wrap around wings help hold the pad in place and protect against leaks. Approximately 15 inches long and 4 inches wide at the ends, these pads are 3 1/2 inches when snapped closed. Snaps are made with a strong plastic resin so you never need to worry about rust.

Quilted for strength and faster absorbency, these pads are made from top-quality fabrics. Hemp is naturally antibacterial and is 70% more absorbent than cotton. Hemp is a natural fiber that is grown without pesticides or fertilizers so it is easy on the environment. Combined with organic cotton, this combo makes a perfect soaker inside these pads.

Washing pads is easy. For your period or postpartum use you will want to soak them in cold water, spin out the water then run a full wash and rinse cycle. Dry them in the dryer along with the rest of your clothes. For incontinence use you can simply wash and dry along with the rest of your clothing. Hemp can develop odors if you use too much detergent, so be sure to use the smallest amount of detergent possible. If odors do develop, wash your pads with no detergent and then rinse with a small amount of white vinegar (1/2 cup per washload) or tea tree oil (1/4 teaspoon per washload). Rinse thoroughly and dry as usual. You can hang to dry if you prefer but be aware that hemp holds a lot of moisture so you will need to let them dry thoroughly before reuse. In the rare event that stains develop, allow the pads to sit in the sunlight for several hours to lighten stains. Never use bleach as it will ruin the fabric.

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