Imse Vimse

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Imse Vimse, Yes
Imse Vimse Tankini Tops are a perfect match with Imse Vimse  swim diapers . Makes a cute Tankini swimsuit and give extra protection from the sun....
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Imse Vimse, Large, Kiss the Frog
Imse Vimse cotton training pants are functional and stylish. Absorbent without adding bulk, these trim-fitting Imse Vimse cotton training...
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Imse Vimse, Small, Kiss the Frog
T he Imse Vimse Organic Cotton Cover is a wrap cover with velcro.  It has two layers of fabric - 100% certified organic cotton on the outside...
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Imse Vimse, Yes, Small, Green Fish
Thanks to very soft and smooth elastic around the waist and legs, your child can move freely in the water. Imse Vimse swim diapers consist of a layer of...
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