Cribs and Mattresses

Looking a for unique natural baby crib or an organic mattress? We offer natural hardwood cribs. Natural hardwood cribs and organic crib mattresses are a great way to keep your baby safe from harmful fumes and toxic chemical found in conventional cribs and crib mattresses.

ALL baby and crib mattresses can vary up to 1/2".

Organic mattresses for cribs, cradle, co-sleepers, baby Bunks, portacribs, bassinets. Futons for your bassinets.

Ecobaby Organics crib size mattresses are available in 3 very different styles. Innerspring or Natural Rubber. They all exceed the safety requirements set forth by the CPSC. They all feature an organic wool layer (free of any poly fibers-the only in the organic industry) quilted to the organic cotton outer for natural flame retardancy to meet federal guidelines. All mattresses meet the new regulations for flame retardancy set by California using only natural fibers and NO chemicals. Most companies do not. 

Available crib mattress styles:

* Innerspring has 260 coils for a more even support for infants and toddlers.

* INNERSPRING DELUXE has 260 coils. This model has edge clips.

* 4.5" Harmony Rubber (metal-free Mattress). This rubber is the purest in the industry tested benzene and petroleum free. The ONLY chemical free organic mattress on the market. With results to prove it. 

* 6" Harmony Crib mattress - same as 4.5" but thicker.