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Planet Wise Wet Bags

What makes Planet Wise products different? They are the first and only wet bag and diaper pail liner on the market that are not only sewn but also SEALED at the seams!!! You can put your wet wipes, super wet diapers, swimwear, or anything really wet into these bags and they won't leak or wick. We also took great care in picking the very best fabrics including matching zipper and waterproof layer for the wet bags.

High quality designer fabrics with coordinating inner waterproof material and locking zipper. Great for storing and transporting wet and dirty items, swimwear, cloth diapers, shoes....the list goes on and on.

  • Innovative, unique, and earth friendly
  • First & only wet bag to be sewn and sealed for no wicking
  • Resists most odors and stains - smells stay in
  • Great for potty training, cosmetics, going to the gym, etc
  • Practical sizes for everyday use - 3 sizes available 

Available Colors shown in size medium: 

 April Flowers  Aqua Amb  Aqua Swirl  
April Flowers Aqua Ambience Aqua Swirl Art Deco
 Autumn Cafe      Black Curly Q
Autumn Cafe  Bangle Dots Black Black Curly Q
Blue Hawaii      
   Blue Recycle    Butterflies
Blue Mod Blue Recycle Bumble Dot Butterflies
 Carnival Skulls  Carrot Chic Petunia
Carnival Skulls Carrot Chic Petunia Chocolate
Choc Swirl

 Coral Sunset  Daisy Dream
Chocolate Swirl  Citrus Pinwheels Coral Sunset  Daisy Dream

Earth Retreat
Flame  Forrest
Earth Retreat Fiesta Flame Forrest
Funky Flowers  Gray Houndstooth  
Funky Flowers Geometric Studio Gray Houndstooth Green Meadow
Grey Flora  Kitty Kat Laughing Leaf
Grey Flora Gypsy Wave Kitty Kat Laughing Leaf
Lime Somersaults Lime Squares Meadow Tweet
Lime Cocoa Bean Lime Somersaults Lime Squares Meadow Tweets
 Midnight Curl Monkey Fun  Mocha Sunrise Navy 
Midnight Curl Monkey Fun Mocha Sunrise Navy
Orange Woods  Organic Earth Links  
Orange Woods Organic Blue Vista Organic Earth Links Organic Garden
 Organic Kaleidoscope Green Leaf   Organic Lime Medallions  Organic Navy Circuits
Organic Kaleidoscope Organic Green Leaf Organic Lime Medallions Organic Navy Circuits
Silver Scroll  Outer Space  Owl  Paprika
Organic Silver Scroll Outer Space Owls Paprika
 Patchwork Plaid  Peace on Earth  Piccolo Dot  Pink Swirl
Patchwork Plaid Peace on Earth Piccolo Dot (2 sided) Pink Swirl
Pink Swirl Purple Honeycomb Red Retro River Rock
Pink Swirl Purple Honeycomb Red Retro River Rock
 Spring Dots
 Think Peace
Tropical Retreat
Sage Spring Dots Think Peace Tropical Retreat


Small 8"x10" Holds approx. 1-2 cloth diapers

Medium 13"x16" Holds approx. 8-9 cloth diapers

Large 18"x21" Holds approx. 16-17 cloth diapers

*Only the Large Planet Wise Wet Bag comes with the convenient snap handle as pictured below


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