Nursing Products

Breastfeeding your baby offers a unique opportunity to bond while providing your baby with the best possible nutrition. We offer organic nursing pillow covers, breastfeeding blankets, reusable nursing pads and more great items to support you in breastfeeding your baby.

Organic Wool Breast Pads Better For Babies


Moisture-Wick Washable Breast Pads - 6 pac...

$13.99   $10.49

Hygeia EnJoye Breastpump
Hygeia EnJoye Professional-Grade Breastpump

$319.99   $255.99

Simple Wishes Hands Free Pumping Bustier

$34.99   $27.99

EnDeare Hospital-Grade Breastpump Rentals


Hygeia Mother's Milk Storage Containers
Hygeia Mother's Milk Storage Containers

$14.99   $11.99

HygeiaGel Pads

$15.99   $12.79

Milkies Milk Saver

$27.99   $20.99

Milk Trays

$21.99   $16.49

Hygeia Duckbill Valve
Hygeia Duckbill Valve

$5.99   $4.79

Hygeia Tubing
Hygeia Tubing

$18.99   $15.19

Hygeia Flange
Hygeia Flange

$9.99   $7.99