Newborn Rental Package ($130 + $75 deposit)



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This is a great deal!

Our newborn rental package includes:

24 Kissaluvs in Size 0 (diapers provided will be in good condition and may be new or used or a combination)

* The rental period is 12 weeks and we start counting from the date your baby is born. The diapers can not be rented for less than 12 weeks.

* We will ship the diapers to you 2-3 weeks prior to your due date, if you deliver early please contact us and we will ship right away!

* Extensions are available in 4 week increments for $40.00

There is a $75.00 deposit that will be return when the diapers are returned in good condition. All diapers must be returned in good working order. We will include a list of recommended detergents to use when washing the diapers and instructions. Any diapers that are damaged, beyond normal wear, will be charged at full price to your deposit.

Please contact us for more detailed information about our rental program at 877-536-0850.

This is a great way to get into cloth diapering. We rented this for our first child, and it went so well that we rented it again this time. The diapers are easy to use and absorbent, and just the right size for that first 12 weeks. You'll need to buy your own covers, which I think is a plus as it gave us the opportunity to experience a few different brands so we'd have an idea which we liked more for their "real" diapers.

I only have 1 caveat: the amount our daughter peed seemed to exceed the diaper's capabilities after about 10 weeks so that we needed to change them a lot more often.

You can not beat this deal or the product quality!!! If we ever have another new born, the only thing I would do different is try wool covers...other than that, made in USA, kissavs are soft, absorbent and super simple. not to mention cute and comfy too.
Thank you Lisa, for offering something, sustainable, simple and waaaay affordable

ps. the elastic around the legs is grey for those squirmy wormy moments and they keep all the poo in too! Kissav's bleach out fantastic in the sun as well

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