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Little For Now Pail Liner
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Little for Now Pail Liner

Our cloth diaper pail liners turn 5 this year - and they continue to be one of our bestselling products.
A cloth diaper pail liner takes the ick out of cloth diapering. Simply use the cloth diaper pail liner as you would a plastic trash bag. When laundry day rolls around, lift the bag out and use the exclusive Little for Now elastic loop to close the top.

Empty the cloth diaper pail liner into the washer as you turn it inside out. Your hands stay clean because you only touch the outside of the cloth diaper pail liner. Then toss the liner in the washing machineand dryer with the cloth diapers.

Your cloth diaper pail will stay clean and you won't need to scrub it every time you wash your cloth diapers.

Many people prefer to have two cloth diaper pail liners on hand so they can have one in use and one in the wash.

The Little for Now cloth diaper pail liner is made from long lasting 2 MIL polyester PUL. The double stitched seams hold in wetness. You'll wonder how you ever lived without one.

You can use the cloth diaper pail liner with any standard size cloth diaper pail or kitchen trash can up to about 25 inches tall and 52 inches around. They work equally well with smaller cans or large cans.
The one in the photo is a size C can from Target. It was $10, much cheaper than standard diaper pails. While some people prefer an air tight cloth diaper pail, I recommend using one with a little ventilation. As long as you are doing the laundry about 2-3 days you won't have an odor problem. You can also use our citrus disks, a sprinkle of baking soda, or a few drops of lavender or tea tree oil to reduce cloth diaper pail odor. An airtight pail is more likely to build up powerful ammonia fumes.

The LFN regular size cloth diaper pail liner is sized to fit a can up to 32 inches tall and 24-50 inches around. Use with a dry pail method only. Wet cloth diaper pails (full of water) pose a drowning hazard for young children and you REALLY don't want to clean up the mess when your baby or the dog knocks over the cloth diaper pail full of icky water!

If you want to read more about the dry cloth diaper pail method, please see the articles section.

Made exclusively for Little for Now, this unique liner is elasticized to hold tightly to many different pails and the bottom has gussets for maximum space. The fold over top shows fabric not the shiny side.

This pail liner has a unique elastic loop attached that you can use like a rubber band to close off the top. This helps keep odors down when you are moving the diapers to the laundry room. Perfect for travel too, the elastic can be wound around twice for a tight seal so you can use it for trips to Grandma's house. Much safer than having a drawstring that can pose a strangulation hazard for your baby, you also won't find a drawstring wrapped around your entire load in the washing machine!

As your child grows you can use this liner for laundry, wet swim suits and many other uses.

Cloth Diaper Pail Liner
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Already has a hole in the handle. Washed same as my planet wise one but after only 3 washes it is starting to wear the elastic.

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